DayaMed MedPod

The Technology

Technology, integrated seamlessly into the patient’s life, is a critical tool for achieving our vision of health, and healthcare for everyone. The MedPod helps ensure high compliance by eliminating many of the problem factors. As a portable dispenser of pre-sorted and customized medicine, the device delivers accurate doses, and with LED and sound, the MedPod reminds patients of potential missed doses as well via text, email, or by phone.

But that’s just the beginning.

Based on cellular technology instead of Wi-Fi, the battery operated MedPod connects patients with their medical ecosystem wherever they go, instantly.  Supported by a real-time and interactive cloud database, the MedPod can monitor and make valuable information about patient compliance instantly available via the web.  The MedPod raises therapeutic outcomes while seamlessly, dramatically lowering health care costs.  

And that's just the beginning of the MedPod's capabilities, click here to read more.  

Click here to see the DayaMed & Sprint video interview at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas about the MedPod.  

The Technology | DayaMed MedPod | DAYA
The Technology | DayaMed Medpod | DAYA
The Technology | DayaMed Medpod | DAYA
The Technology | DayaMed Medpod | DAYA